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Standard American Products
Beretta A400-12ga
Power Clean Kit.
Most All Brushes Can be Driven
by a Cordless or Electric Drill

Plastic Carry Case

This 10 piece kit has stainless steel brushes of various sizes to clean all piston and barrel lug parts with any cordless drill or screwdriver. The kit comes with a specially designed speed wrench to remove the exhaust spring assembly in seconds. The banded end brush will clean the bottom of the barrel lug in a snap. Under power the bands will fall back allowing the brush to fan out and clean the walls and bottom quickly. The port brush will clean the barrel porting. The brass adapter will convert any standard brush to a power driven. With two utility brushes for the trigger assembly. A gunsmiths bore and chamber brush. All in a handy carry case that fits in a shooting bag.



S/S Gas Cylinder Brush.
(Remove exhaust spring valve assembly before using.)



S/S Piston Brush



S/S Piston Brush





Bore and Choke Tube Brush





S/S Special Designed End Brush to Clean the Bottom of
the Gas Cylinder. Under Powerthe Bands Will Drop Back
Allowing the Brush to Fan Open to Thoroughly Clean.
To Reset Place the Brush on a Flat Surface and Push the
Bands Forward to Compress the Brush.



Speed Adapter for Bore Brush



S/S Special Designed Speed Wrench to Remove the Counter
Nut and Valve Spring Assembly








S/S port brush.





Bronze Double End Brush






Nylon Double End Brush

Beretta A400 12-gauge $85.00

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